Andrée Putman Retrospective

10.11.2010 - 26.02.2011
Hôtel de Ville de Paris
5 Rue de Lobau
75004 Paris

A new retrospective exhibition – the first to be held in France – helps clarify the various unexpected moves in Putman’s extraordinary eclectic career. It showcases examples of her work – including reconstitutions of the interiors of the Concorde and the famed Morgans Hotel bathroom – and features a work-in-progress section that shows the creative process behind Putman’s designs for the house of French philosopher Bernard Henri Levy. Designs that have particularly inspired her such as Robert Mallet-Stevens’ 1930s steel chair are also on display.‘In the 1970s my work was said to be “bizarre”’ explains Putman. ‘But it was absolute classicism. When you look at it today you could think that it was designed yesterday or 20 years ago or in a month."